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LED LCD Panel Adhesive Tape/Strips Replacement – with Opening Tools 076-1437 Apple IMAC A1419 27″ 2012 2013 2014 2015


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A1419 27 inch Adhesive Strips Replacement Guide

Opening picks

Opening picks can be used for prying, sliding, separating, and air guitaring.These picks are especially useful for prying open iPads and other glue-laden devices.Material: Delrin

a tough antistatic tool that can be used for a variety of purposes when repairing electronic devices. It is made of nylon and has one flat end and one pointed end. The pliable and antistatic properties make it ideal for working around sensitive electronic components without fear of shocking or scratching them.The pointed flat side can be used to disconnect connectors, remove thermal paste from a heat sink, pry off components, aid in soldering, or just to unscrew a MacBook’s battery. The pointed end of the spudger can be used to connect/disconnect components, hold objects for soldering, or poke something that requires poking. The tool also includes a notch for hooking wires.
Plastic Card

These smooth cards slide between parts and help undo clips and pry devices open.Can be used for spreading thermal paste and delicate scraping tasks.Removing the A1419 display on iMac requires cutting through the adhesive around the perimeter of the screen. After the adhesive is cut, it cannot be used to re-seal the display in place, so you’ll need to apply a new set of adhesive strips.
Before you start placing strips, remove all of the old adhesive. Use a spudger to scrape up an edge, then peel with your fingers.Remove all of the remaining adhesive strips from the iMac’s frame and display glass.
Include: Adhesive Strips Replacement X 1Set; Spudger X 1Pcs; Opening tool X 1Pcs; Opening card X 2 Pcs; Opening picks X 2 Pcs
Note: Professional Operation Only!This opening tool easily scratch your screen.We are not responsible for any damage during teardown.
Please heating the adhesive strip before installtaion, to make sure the adhesive tape tightly stick to the liquid the edge of panel and let the panel lay down for a few minutes.


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